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WORLDWIDE LIFETIME COLLECTION IN 15 VOLUMES – An expansive and very broad ranging collection that runs through countries in alphabetical order from Aden to Zululand presented in 15 massive binders! The collection combines philatelic classics from the very dawn of philately and then in some instances one will run into the 21st century modern issues from Euro-zone! The collection spans a century and a half long period showcasing tens of thousands without solid focus (European countries are somewhat more prominent though) and coverage ranging from practically full pages to 1-2 stamps per page or nothing. Still, the sheer scope of the project makes this an attractive resource for like minded international collector with broad ranging ambitions, as tens of thousands of stamps without duplication would go a long way in bolstering your global portfolio in multitude of subsections. Gen. VERY FINE, mint og (We only took sample/overview photos while repacking the lot in order to illustrate the scope/standard within)

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