Roal Wedding

Compared to the wedding of Prince William’s parents, Charles and Diana, this month’s Royal wedding has been philatelically unimportant. For the last wedding there was months of philatelic advertising and extraordinary pressure from telemarketers to get collectors and non collectors in on the philatelic event of the century. It turned out to be a true non event. British Omnibus issues commemorating Royal weddings and births and birthdays have languished with each new generation of collectors having little interest in the issues of the past. But William and Kate I think have a decent philatelic chance of having their wedding commemoratives achieve lasting popularity and higher prices. Here’s why: First, this has been a minimally hyped philatelic event. In the Linns-Scott Stamp monthly of May 2011 there isn’t a single advertisement for these stamps. And there are not quantities of these stamps being sold into non traditional markets by telemarketers either. Market overhang will be small and only a modest increase in popularity should make prices rise. Second, William and Kate look to be around for a long time. An endless succession of Royal Children, ascension to Prince and Princess of Wales and then to King and Queen, Royal Grandchildren and the Royal Old Age Home promise to keep Bill and Kate in the forefront of news for a long time with each new collector needing the first Royal Wedding set if he wants to have them all. And third, they are so damn cute. I mean really. Kate Middleton (even her name-Middleton- perfect for the Princess who rises to save the Monarchy) could really humanize the Windsors and make collecting by reign popular again.

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