Scott Stamp Albums

Scott is the name that is synonymous with stamp collecting in the United States. J. Walter Scott was one of America’s first stamp dealers. When he started his stamp business around 1870, he was a full service dealer selling stamps via extensive price lists. The lists became more detailed and he began to list stamps that he didn’t have in stock so that collectors could know what stamps there were from each country and what stamps they needed. From this it was a short jump to the first US produced stamp catalog for United States and Foreign stamps.


By 1900, Scott added a series of albums. First there was a United States album and a single volume album for worldwide stamps called the Scott International Album. The Scott International album, in the early years, had spaces for every stamp that had been issued worldwide. By 1930, so many stamps had been issued worldwide that Scott began dividing the world up into specialty albums by country and area. Though updated constantly, these are the same albums that Scott produces today. Serious collectors in the US have always preferred Scott albums over every other and, accordingly, the best collections have been housed in Scott albums. If you have found or inherited a stamp collection in these albums, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss with you how to proceed with its sale.

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