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What Can Be Done: Argentina is a case study in how important it is that a country’s political system works. In 1930, Argentina was the seventh wealthiest nation in the world. Eighty five years later, after a succession of bad governments, it has sunk to third world status. The stamps of Argentina provide a collector with the wealth of good collecting opportunities. Nineteenth century Argentina is interesting and affordable. Stay away from the first issue imperfs. They catalog a fortune and can easily be made from cut down second issue perforated stamps. I know Argentina experts say they can tell the difference, but I’ve done stamps all my life and seen thousands of these. I remain unconvinced that the experts on this particular issue know what they are talking about. Beginning about 1870, collecting Argentina mint is pretty smooth sailing. The stamps are interesting, well produced, and lead themselves to specialization by issue. The airmails of Argentina are scarce and make for good collecting either by themselves or as part of a broader Argentina collection. If you want a real challenge for very little money, take a look at the Official stamps of Argentina. Argentina issued Departmental Officials with differing overprints for each branch of the government (the United States did this too, as did great Britain, but most countries only have issued generic Officials for use in all government departments). Argentina has issued over 500 Official issues according to Scott. Very few catalog over $5. But just try to find them all. I’ve never seen a complete collection of these issues even though the total catalog value for all the Officials would come in at under a couple thousand dollars. Good hunting.

Specialty Catalogs: The Scott catalog and especially the Scott Classic catalog is very good for Argentina.

Specialty Albums: The Scott specialty series is very good for Argentina.

Expense: Argentina’s economy’s great fall over the last number of decades is helpful for stamp collectors. Before WWII, Argentina had an active group of native collectors. Buenos Aires boasted many well stocked stamp shops and many well regarded and knowledgeable dealers. Philately in Argentina is no longer an important hobby. For American collectors, that means that good Argentinean stamps can be bought at prices that are very affordable.

Overall Collecting Grade: B

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