Stamp Boxes

Most collectors collect in albums where they place their best stamps. Until they have time to place their stamps in albums, they leave them in the envelopes that they bought them in. They put them in glassines and on stock cards. They leave them on old album pages. They are disorganized, with modern mint new issues mixed in with old time auction purchases along with common stamps and covers. When collectors go to sell their collections, they sell their albums and they sell the mixed up unsorted material that they never got to. We buy their albums and we take the balance material and pack it into boxes. These boxes we put in our auctions. So if you are looking for a mass of material to sort through, if you want to see thousands of stamps with little order, if you like the thrill of the search with the hope of a find, then Apfelbaum boxes are for you. They are in the back of our auction and are typically in large 1 1/2 cubic foot cartons with estimates depending on what we think is in them from $200-$2000. You should consider one, especially if your collecting has been more search and little find lately, and if you’d like a lot of fun for your money. And Apfelbaum’s complete satisfaction guarantee means there is no risk.

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