Stamp Dealing in Retirement

According to studies, most Americans are very worried financially about their retirement, and we have good reason to be. Social Security is probably going to be OK, but the age at which you can receive it, the means testing, and the decrease in cost of living adjustments mean that it will be a smaller and smaller part of most people’s retirement planning in years ahead. Pensions are small and most people can’t count on interest rates being high enough for them not to have to go into their nest egg earlier than they had hoped. Add to this the good news that many demographers think that the longevity charts for the baby boomers are underestimating the life expectancy for people about to retire, and it is clear that the traditional picture of a worry free retirement on the golf course is a thing of the past. Additional retirement security doesn’t require an enormous amount of saving; it requires a continuing source of income. A job that pays you as little as a thousand dollars a month from age 65 to 80 produces $180,000 of income and that amount of income reduces the amount of savings you need to retire by the same $180k. So, instead of thinking you have too little money for retirement, start thinking that you need a part time job. Though the modern economy has made retirement more difficult, it has made part time work, especially part time stamp dealing, easier. Years ago, it took a lot of capital and effort to begin a small stamp business. Today, anyone with a computer and a scanner can be selling stamps in a few hours. Part time stamp dealing on EBay or Stamp Wants are easy to begin and could be a way of supplementing your retirement.

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