Stamps to Collect while Watching the Oscars

The Kings Speech is the favorite to win the best picture award at the Oscars this week and Colin Firth is odds on to win best actor for his portrayal of King George VI. Among the most popular stamps in philately are the stamps of the nations that make up the British Commonwealth-former British Colonies. And among British collectors, no stamps are more popular than the stamps of King George VI. George was king from 1936-1952 and the total number of issues that came out with his picture on them (including varieties) runs to the thousands. George VI stamps have increased tremendously in popularity and price the last few years conforming to the theory that each generation of collectors, when they renew their interest in their hobby, are most keen on the stamps that were issued just before they first began collecting. The Baby Boomers who first started their collections around 1960 are getting back into the hobby of their youth and the first stamps that they are after are the stamps issued just before 1950. These issues should be gaining popularity in the next few years and should be acquired now if they are at all of interest to you.

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