The Apfelbaum Guarantee

The reason you should buy your stamps from Apfelbaum is not our prices (which are very attractive) or our service and shipping (which is not only free, but is also the fastest). You should buy your stamps from Apfelbaum because we are the only stamp company that assures your complete satisfaction and safety to this degree: buy any stamp or lot and you may return it for any reason within thirty days for a full refund. Further, we guarantee every stamp we sell as being genuine and as described without time limit. This means if you buy a stamp from us and it ever turns out not to be genuine or if it has an undescribed fault we will take it back for a full refund at any time in the future, even years later.

 We ship virtually every order within 48 hours, answer all emails within hours (actually usually within minutes) and immediately refund on any returns. Our descriptions and evaluations of the stamps we sell are clear, accurate and conservative. When you sell to us we pay immediately and in full when we buy from you. Now and then (and it is infrequent but I write about it as I think it speaks to what we are about as a company) an issue comes up with a customer that isn’t covered by our guarantee or by any normal business protocol. When this happens we evaluate the situation according to the Golden Rule. The question we ask ourselves is “if it were me in this situation, how would I want to be treated and what would I think is a reasonable solution to my problem”.

We don’t satisfy every customer every time but we come pretty close. We are fortunate enough not to have to make every sale and not to have to grind every last dollar out of each transaction. We are the shareholders and the bottom line is more than just a number to us. We want our work day to be pleasant and rewarding and we want our customers to be happy and satisfied with their dealing with us. I don’t get to personally interact with as many of our customers as I would like, but please remember that if we ever disappoint you I hope you’ll contact me and let me make things right.

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