This Was The Year That Was

After a tepid 2009, the stamp market was pretty good this last year. Our EBay selling customers reported good activity for the most part. Business was not great week after week, but there were very strong weeks for EBay sellers and the market for commercial grade stamps from popular, well collected countries improved. The auction market for better grade stamps to serious collectors was very strong. British Commonwealth was especially good, Canada was definitely improving after a weak 2009, and German speaking area philately was much better than it had been. Serious collecting areas where there are no dealer stocks (such diverse areas as Mexico or Confederate States) never showed any weakness during the recession and so continued to be rapid and firm sellers. Scandinavia was soft as it has been for years. As we move forward toward 2011, it seems that the Great Recession is over in stamps. Activity is improving and price levels for US stamps are beginning to edge upwards after falling more than 20%. Excitingly, collectors who had desired to sell but were reticent to do so because of their perception of market conditions are now offering their stamps which foretells many interesting items for sale as the year progresses. Stamps held up well during the last great economic malaise proving once again that fine philatelic material holds its value in all times.

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