Traditional Stamp Dealer and EBay

When EBay first began to gain in popularity some ten years ago, there were predictions that it would ultimately mean the demise of mainstream stamp dealers. Events have played out rather differently. On any given day, the philatelic part of the EBay empire has over two million stamp lots listed for sale in either the stores or at the auctions. This number is both EBay’s success and its weakness. This number makes it very difficult for collectors to establish rhythm with any one seller. What has been the traditional philatelic relationship between sellers and buyers is impossible to develop with EBay. Traditionally, collectors have made the majority of their purchases from one or two dealers. Once a collector establishes that he likes a dealer’s offerings, quality, prices and service, the collector tends to maximize the efficiency of his time by going to that dealer’s website first. Collectors have found what consumers in general have found-that unlimited choice presents almost no choice at all. In stamps, collectors cherish a good working relationship with a fair minded dealer. Certainly, as a new professional a presence on EBay is a fine idea. But, even today, most collectors still seek out the few professionals that they have faith in.

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