United States Graf Zeppelins

Every United States collector wants the United States Graf Zeppelin set. Issued over 80 years ago the set was sold to pay the postage on zeppelin flights that originated in the United States. Zeppelin mail was intended to be an alternative to airmail and offered the ability to carry large quantities of mail on transatlantic routes. The mail was expensive, but fast, and in 1930 airplane mail to Europe was possible but weight restrictions made it impractical. But the future of zeppelin mail went up in smoke with the crash of the Hindenburg in 1937 and Graf Zeppelin postage stamps went the way of Pony Express stamps as collectibles that shed light on the history of communications. Graf Zeppelin stamps have always been among the most popular United States issues. The face value of the stamps was $4.55 and they were issued in 1930, the first year of the Great Depression. Sales were very limited and the issue was soon taken off sale. We have four very nice sets available. Each is Extremely Fine full original gum and pristine Never Hinged- The 2011 Scott catalog value is $1900 and you can have your choice for $1095 postpaid. Just email me with the set you want using the stock number next to the set.

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