Praise For US Postal Service

Related imageA few years ago, I read an article about how smaller town diamond merchants send their stock to each other by ordinary First Class mail. The article said that outside New York, the incidence of First Class mail going astray is nearly nonexistent. Apfelbaum’s sends out thousands of packages per year, mostly through the postal service, with almost never a loss. Companies send their valuable packages out Registered or confirmed delivery largely so as to protect themselves from dishonest recipients or doormen who would pretend that the package didn’t arrive, rather than because of Postal Service concerns. Think about it; when was the last time you sent a bill or birthday card that didn’t arrive?
The reason that virtually all First Class letters reach their destination is that we have an honest, professional, and relatively well paid group of men and women working for the USPS. And the pension system that so many Congressman complain about helps too. Only a fool with vested years in the Postal Service retirement plan would risk his future for a few First Class letters. Postal employees are very honest, and most of them, like you and me, are usually pleasant as well.  Sure, they have their bad days like the rest of us. But what I find interesting is this: When I am in a good mood, slept well, and feeling that the world is a pretty OK place to be, I invariably find kind, considerate, and decent Postal Clerks. But on those days when I’m in a sour mood, so too are the Postal Clerks, my family, and all the other people I deal with.
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