World Stamp Show 2016

International stamp shows have long lead times. The announcements have already begun for the next US based International show which will be held in New York in 2016(  International shows are held under the auspices of the FIP (Federation Intenational de Philatelie) a group that arranges international competitive exhibits and certifies stamp shows. The United States gets one show every ten years and they have been held on the sixes  (the 1946 show was held in 1947 to honor the centennial of the first United States stamp and the 1996 show was similarly moved back a year because of the sesquicentennial of the same issue). Sipex was the international show held in 1966 in Washington and it was my first International. (Sipex has the honor of having the lowest value US souvenir sheet issued in its commemoration. It shows what a difference marketing is today to realize that the Post office issued a souvenir sheet with a face value of only 5c to mark that show). The 2016 show will be at the Javitz Center in New York and should be a real event. The stamps one can see at such an exhibit are astounding and I know its a long way off but try and stay healthy and plan to go.

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