Young and Old

Philatelists are well aware of how interests change throughout life. The games of childhood give way to the pressures and duties of adulthood which in turn meld into the aspirations of old age. Most collectors have seen this. They collected as kids, found their interest in philately wain during their active work and parenting years, and saw their collecting take on new life and vigor as they aged. This has always been the pattern for hobbies and for philately in particular. The interests of older people are different than the interests of younger people. And what has long been obvious to those of us in stamps is now increasingly a socioeconomic problem in our country. Before the days of Social Security and Medicare, the issues of elderly people were usually the problems of their family, and so solutions were sought to benefit all. The social programs of the last 75 years have decoupled the interests of the generations. Younger people need more expansionary economic policies to produce more jobs and growth and more money for education and job training whereas these budget busting measures are in opposition to the strict economic interest of pensioners who want no inflation and low government deficits (as long as their benefits are paid).
This dichotomy of  interest between young and old is a new dilemma for our society. But it is one that stamp collectors have always faced (and done so pretty well) in the relationship between the ages that have populated our hobby. Most philatelists have always encouraged the young in their collecting, partly out of self interest

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