APS Show

The American Philatelic Society holds its annual convention in Pittsburgh August 6-9 http://www.stamps.org/Stampshow/index.htm. As a lifelong stamper, this will be my 40th convention that I will attend. I’ve been to the annual convention as a collector, as a dealer with a booth, as a dealer without a booth, as a director of the society, as Vice President and as APS Treasurer. Its always fun, but the most fun is to go as a collector (which is how I am going this year). There are over 100 dealer booths where you can peruse material from some of the world’s best stocks of esoteric philately. The exhibition is the Champion of Champions where this year’s best fifteen collections compete for an annual award. And there are workshops and meetings galore where I go to see old friends and meet new ones. Regency Superior has a massive auction they are holding at the show.
So if you’ve never been to an APS convention and this is convenient try and go. As stamp shows decline in size as a consequence of the Internet age, go and see the best American show while it is still in its glory.

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