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For many years we have been encouraging stamp dealers to try our auctions as a source of successful stamp dealing. Smart dealers know that they need a constant source of new material for sales and we believe our auctions provide such a source. We are so confident that nearly every collection and stock lot that we sell can be profitably broken down and resold that we offer the following guarantee. Buy any Apfelbaum collection or stock lot, break it into at least ten EBay lots and if you haven’t received a total EBay selling price of at least 100% of your net Apfelbaum lot cost, (hammer price plus commission excluding shipping) we will refund the difference between what you paid and what you got. This offer does not include EBay commissions. Limit is one lot. This is a proposal to help new dealers feel comfortable breaking down Apfelbaum lots for resale and is not a usual offer. We reserve the right to terminate the offer at any time and may, at our sole discretion, void this offer if we feel you have not tried to maximize your sales yield. It is an offer to take the risk out of trying to expand your stamp business and we believe you will find us very fair to deal with, as have tens of thousands of others during our 100 year history. To our knowledge, no other stamp dealer has ever offered anything like this before.

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