Conclusion: Your World of Stamps

People collect stamps for a variety of reasons. It’s an enjoyable pastime, a financial investment, a collection of artwork or a legacy for their heirs and more. You may be interested in the hobby for one or more of these reasons. No matter why you start your collection, at some point, you might speculate on its value. Maybe you’ll even consider selling it.

Whether you no longer have the time or interest to maintain your collection, you’re looking for a return on your investment, or maybe you’ve inherited stamps and are wondering what your options are. You might even simply be curious what your work could bring you. Whatever the reason, learning the ins and outs of selling a stamp collection helps you decide if, when and to whom you should sell.

Educate yourself on the basics of collecting. Discover which type of stamps are most valuable and why. Many aspects affect a stamp’s worth, but the most important is its condition. Therefore, it’s essential for you to know how to properly handle and store your stamps.

Look into different ways to sell your collection. Should you go online or to a local dealer? Is it safe to carry out business through the mail? Is an auction house appropriate?

You don’t have to do all this work yourself. In fact, unless you’re very knowledgeable about stamps, seek information and advice from experts. They can help you determine the value of your collection and steer you toward interested parties. Dealers and appraisers associated with the American Stamp Dealers Association, National Stamp Dealers Association or the American Philatelic Society have an ethical responsibility to work fairly with buyers and sellers.

At Apfelbaum, Inc., we take pride in our reputation for excellent customer service. What do you need? We answer your questions, provide appraisals, buy stamps and offer immediate cash payment. You have a meaningful collection, and we’ll see that it’s handled with the care and respect it deserves.

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