The Apfelbaum Guide to Specializing in Worldwide Stamps

With over two million stamp collecting varieties issued by over two thousand government and catalog recognized postal entities, philately is the most vast and varied collecting hobby that there is. And nearly every collecting variety is listed in a catalog and can be found by a diligent collector. Until now, collectors needed years of experience in worldwide collecting before they could make an informed decision on what countries or areas to specialize in—what were the pleasures, difficulties, and pitfalls of each specialized area, what were the catalogs and albums that each area’s specialists found to be the best, how difficult is it to find material from the area, how costly the specialty is compared to others, and finally a grade on how each specialized area stacks up against one another.

The Apfelbaum Guide to Specializing in Worldwide stamps does all of this. In an ongoing series of articles we will discuss hundreds of collecting areas. This not only makes for interesting philatelic reading but will help you decide which area is right for you. Below is a index of the articles that have been written both alphabetically and by geographic area. Check back from time to time as new articles are constantly being added.

Specialization Areas:

Listings Alphabetically

Listings by Region

French Colonies Stamps
Italy and Area Stamps

United States Stamps

United States

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